Hey! My name is Leon. I'm a computer science enthusiast currently living in Mainz, Germany. In my free time I like to code and make music. Here's what this website could mean to you:

If you are an artist

and you find one of your artworks fits a piece of music I wrote, send me a message because I would love to use it as cover art!

If you are a game developer or filmmaker

and you need music or sound effects for your project, I would gladly be part of the team.

If you like this website

and you are in need of one yourself, I can offer you experience with full-stack web development using React, Vue and Svelte (with which this page was created).


thank you so much for spending a minute to look at my work ­čśŐ

Legal information

Leon Scherer
c/o autorengl├╝ck.de
Franz-Mehring-Str. 15
01237 Dresden